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I was wondering how many hours do you spend studying for an exam (i.e. A&P I, II and Microbiology)? The professor I took last semester for A&P I recommended at least 20 hours for each of her exams. :uhoh3: She was this major science guru. She held numerous master degrees and was a physical therapist. She said that this is how many hours she studied for science exams while she was in school. Thanks.


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I have to say, I spent about that much time per week for tests and still couldn't get above a B+ in any of those science classes. All of these courses were based strictly on test scores (with the exception of Micro - which had a few projects). You have to realize you will be getting about 100 pieces of new info each week and it's hard to judge what will be on a test. I had professors who created questions that required more than memorization.

I have talked to students from other schools and the requirements for the courses often vary.

The midterms and finals usually require an additional amount of time for review. You also have to stay on top of everything, otherwise you will get lost. It's a lot of work, time consuming and very different from liberal arts courses.

Good luck in your studies.


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Coming from a student who got an A in Micro and A & P............I spent about 10 hrs a week studying..........LOOKING OVER FLASH CARD AND MODELS ;) ! That really helped my memory! Good luck! I hope you do well


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hey hopeNstar

I did pretty well in micro an 'A' but i spent a lot of time studying and my teacher is a micro guru and his class was hard...I think i did about 10+ hrs per week and i reviewed micro everyday so by the next class if i had questions i would ask them...and i never fell behind with my reading cuz if u do it will be hell catching up...My prof. made it so that you had to apply the info he gave you not just memorize it and that was the really hard part cuz u had understand the concept...i did the quizzes that the CD had that came with my micro book...basically i did everything i could to get a good group, asks tons of questions, flash cards. etc

good luck;)

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I honestly can't put a time amount on how much I studied. A lot of the 'studying' I did really wasn't traditional.

I'm a multitasker by personality. I have a short attention span so if I sit down to specifically study, it rarely happens. I don't think I ever studied more than 5-10 hours a week depending on the material and if there was a test coming up.

What I did do a lot of was when I sat and watched TV my mind would start to wander and next think you know I'm walking myself through some biologic process or I'm pointing out each muscle or bone in my body trying to name them all.

Also think of it this way 20 hours study time for each exam isn't that bad if exams are streched out every couple of weeks.

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