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:crying2: Hi Everyone..... Can someone please guide me through because I failed my first attempt to getting that 950 on the Hesi.... I have to retake it in a couple of weeks. I have the hesi book along with a comprehensive study guide.. any suggestions is greatly appreciated...


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I suggest you go over your fundamentals, med-surge etc. Because i was in that same situation, but thank God i passed after 2 attempts. Knowing basics stuff such as terminology, pre-opt/post-opt intervention, Lab value, s/sx of each pathophisiology,ABG and position before/after. Also try to understand what the question is asking such as Assessment, analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation. When you come across a question that ask for initial action always look out for assessment first. My other suggestion is to read kaplan strategy on how to answer question. hope that might help.


If you have no idea what is the question asking: read the answer choices for clues to identify the topic

In some questions validation is required in order to answer the question correctly...meaning the question may ask you to assess, implement (do some action, for example, call the doctor, start CPR, reposition the patient or give oxygen to the patient, etc.) Remember the intent of the question will be hidden to you.

Read the stem question for determining whether you should assess or implement and within that context eliminate the answers, which do not fit to with what you must do, that will lead you to the right response.

If all the answers fit in to implementation, then move on to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Physical needs take priority over other needs--

Pain is not a physical need--it is considered psychosocial, so it goes higher up on Maslow scheme

If all answers fit in to the physical needs apply ABC (air/blood/circulation) scheme

Do not automatically select respiratory answers--remember to thow out wrong answers first.

Identify the critical element in the Question such as:

Drug: digoxin/lasix.

Nursing problem: alteration in comfort, potential for infection.

Disorder: Diabetes mellitus, ulcerative colitis

Procedure: Glucose tolerance test,cardiac catherization.

Identify client in the question

Look for key words which always appear i bold print such as early, initially and late symptoms.

Understand what the question is asking before looking at the question.

Never return to options you have eliminated.

Identify similar question and eliminate from the option.



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Good suggestions..!

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thank you:D:D:D:D:D:D

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