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Studying alternatives to UWorld?


Hi. Browsing online for best NCLEX study material (preferably a question bank). Searching for alternatives to UWorld. (UWorld is insanely expensive now. Wasn't it previously like $100 for a one-month access? Now it's priced at $160 for one month.) I have the Saunders comprehensive review book for content. I also have all the ATI material (mandatory for my nursing program). Any question bank that is helpful? Anybody used Davis Edge or Kaplan material? The Davis question bank is like ~$58. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a great alternative called Archer NCLEX, you can Google it. It is even FREE if you want 2 week trial. I took 3 months. I could not afford Uworld as well and learned about it from my friend who also used it and passed. It is very similar to UWorld I heard and has 2350 questions, you can create tests instantly in mobile apps or website. Please read rationales thoroughly , these are what saved me on the exam. You will find alot on the exam from this source. I just did Mark K and Archer NCLEX. I passed in 60 questions last week.

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I am not sure am allowed to post any links here but this link is too valuable for NCLEX exam . This saved me and helped me pass but I did not have to spend literally nothing , this is the app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/archer-review-NCLEX/id1492019618 but you can get cheaper on their website or you can use just the FREE version also after signing up from website.

Hello. I'm also an Archer baby. I saw this app when I was browsing on my facebook. I have tried using it and I do atleast 75 questions per day and per question I wrote down all the rationales and I will go over it again and again for better retention. I see there'a lot of SATA in their Qbanks. SATA's I've never encountered before,very challenging and the rationales are well detailed and explained. Questions in Archer's Qbank also includes Chart/Exhibit, Ordered Response, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice of course😊,Drag and Drop. So I can say it's like a UWorld but in cheaper price. It is the Lowest priced Qbank at $25 for 3 months. For those who want also try it. This is your chance to experience Archer's Qbank because it offers a 15days free trial access. I will be taking my exam this year hopefully by November.