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Study tips for new module?


Well i passed my first module of A& P but i'm not very excited about it. At this point i'm actually very confused on what to do as far as studying for the next part. I failed my final exam which was 40% of my grade:cry: Whats frustrating is that i really studied hard for this exam!!! I studied overall four extra hours a day in addition to class and still bombed out. The only thing that keep me from failing the course is the fact that i already had a '"A" average prior to the final exam so it average me out to a high "C" or 78. I passed all of my quizzes with flying colors but my teachers unit exams i have never scored higher than a C. It bothers me because what do i do next to try to do better this next module? My boyfriend says i should be thankful considering that there were a few who didn't pass but i can't help it. If i read, take notes, study the teachers powerpoint lectures, and try to test myself, and still score low- what other methods of study can i use to help me do better?????


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I don't understand how you went from A's to failing the final. Was the final different than the tests?

Well her quizzes are straight to the point so its easy. But her unit exams/ final is set up totally different. Her questions are designed to trick you. She lectures from her powerpoint slides and some aspects that she lectures does not be the same info thats in the book so its contradicting. So people who don't have computers or flash drives that weren't able to copy her lectures really were struggling. It's impossible to take the notes as she lectures because she goes so fast that u really don't have time to write the info down right then cause shes changing the slide. We tried to tell her to slow down, but speaking to students that are ahead of me they all say she's like that and the toughest teacher of the program. She states she tries to help us out by giving us "what to study" cause she doesn't expect us to grasp entire chapters in so little time (11 chapters in 3 weeks) but when I study just that i end up seeing questions on the test that were not even in the range of what she told us to focus on. We study the main points and she puts the tedious info on the exams. I don't know i'm thinking about just studying the entire chapter top to bottom even though she tells us not to. We have a week off before the start of A&P 2 and i copied her lectures from that course too so i think i'll try to give myself a head start during this next week. I'm frustrated but determined- i've come too far to fail now!!!!


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The best thing to do with a prof that lectures fast is to record her lectures. Flash drives are cheap, get one :)

Get notes from a classmate, then put in at least 2 hours a night of studying during your week off school.

You can do it :)

Thanks but i stated already that i do have a flash drive and i study actually up to four hours per day, take notes from the book in addition to studying her slides. It's against school policy to record teachers lectures. Any other methods of study????