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I just got accepted into my local nursing (LPN) program that is starting in August. I am a hands on learner... so my study type is tactile.. I used flash cards and notes in high school and my first semester of college.. My second semester of college it did not work for me to study and to learn it with flashcards.. I need some tips or hacks to learn and not only memorize. Thanks in advance!!!!!

Definition off google or better understanding: Tactile Learners. Making up about 5% of the population, tactile and kinesthetic learners absorb information best by doing, experiencing, touching, moving, or being active in some way. Enjoy feeling, discovery, and action.

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I am a tactile kinesthetic learner. It was the act of "making the flash cards" that helped me to learn. I cut a 3*5 Card in half, used multiple colors (kinesthetic - the act of picking up different colors) to reinforce 1 idea. A single point might take several flash cards.

I also drew lots of schematic pics - this appealed to my kinesthetic side, too. Because it was the act of forcing the concept to be expressed in simple drawings that made it real to me.

I also explained concepts to my young kids and listened to YouTube vids. NCLEX prep apps.

I will be using these tips.

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