how do you study?


I was just wondering how do you study for your courses? and must you have around you while you study.

I usually study before and after work.

I have all my notes, pda (pp, recordings, etc) laptop w/cds, and of course my books!

I usually water or juice and something sweet to keep up when I FEEL like I'm getting tired.

I just cleaned out my entire room. I'm still working on jazzing it up so I can have a space that is organized and a good place to focus/study.



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I usually study by making notecards (basically by copying my notes). I then pace around my room reading the cards aloud until I can recite them from memory. I also often study with a friend. We usually just sit and I read the notes aloud and we discuss them. This works for us because she learns best by hearing it and me by saying it. I also have to drink ice water. Why I don't know but if I drink anything else (even mountain dew or something with caffeine) I'll fall asleep. I also usually put a movie on, typically "While you were sleeping" or "When Harry met Sally", I can recite these from memory so I don't pay attention to them and other sounds (roomates) get drowned out. This is all kind of weird but it works for me and if its not broke why fix it? :nono:


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i have to have my notes, several highlighters, pens and my textbook spread out all over the table. I need everything open and I read my text and fill in my notes. I usually have something to snack on. If i have my notes and not the text, or vice versa, I feel like I am missing some information.

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