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Hi all----I'm planning on taking Repro and Chronicity next, study both at once and take the exams a week apart. What study materials did you use for Repro?? I want to DL SG101 guides and hope that is enough. I borrowed a Maternity and repro. health textbook from my library and it was HUGE to say the least and it's tough to know just what to focus on. Thanks in advance!!! :)


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That is great that you were able to get the Old's Maternal Health book from your library! I am bidding on it via ebay. I didn't use any study guides other than the content guide from Excelsior for Health/Saftey. I lost almost a year while working on Chronicity due to a sick Mom and having to test for surgery. I have finished the material and bought the SG101 and it has alot of info broken down, but I sure can't find everything in the content guide. I was hoping to find something to take the place of me writing endless notes. So far, SG101 doesn't do it and Lisaarends disc is harder to navigate. I am hoping to test this Fri or Nov 26! Good luck!

There are people who buy/borrow the resources suggested by EC in their study guides and do all the work the hard way. Others buy the study resources such as SG101 and only use that material successfully. Then others, who do the whole nine yards with whatever resources they can find. Whatever amount of effort you want to put into it will be good enough for you once you find out that you have passed the exams.

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