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Study Enrolled Nursing

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Hello all, I am a Canadian with my PR in Aus and would like to enroll to study Enrolled Nursing. In Canada the equivalent is very competitive to enroll and is often wait listed. I would like to know if this is the same in Australia and if anybody has suggestions on which state would be better to study- QLD or Victoria



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Definitely Victoria and try Mayfield Education. I am doing my Div.2 training through them and they have a great reputation.Good luck with whatever you decide.


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To become an Enrolled Nurse you must either be living in either Queensland, Northern Territory or South Australia as these are the only States left that have Enrolled Nurses.


Study via Distance learning through Spencer TAFE, Whyalla Norrie, SA.

Victoria has Registered Nurse Division 2.

SA/Queensland, same course, is a Diploma. So 18 months full time.

Victoria is just moving over to the Diploma this year. Before that it was a Certificate 1V.

Difference in Staes though is with your Diploma through SA/Queensland you are AUTOMATICALLY Endorsed for medications as that is included in the course.

I think in Victoria the medication is still done as an optional course. Don't quote me on that as it's changed in the last few months even.

I did my EEN (Endorsed Enrolled Nurse) so Diploma through SA via Distance Learning. So Home School. Yes! I loved it. It's the best.

BUT I live in Victoria, so I work here as a RN Div 2. My Endorsement has been passed but I still need to bring it up to date with 4 questions on Schedule 8 drugs. At $180.00 for these 4 questions it crazy!

In SA/Queensland your scope of practice is a lot more than Victoria.

There you are. Lot's of pros and cons to think about.

I am also still Enrolled in SA and Registered here in Victoria. I keep my EEN up to date as I can do more courses through SA to gain an Advanced Diploma, which is again better than the one offered here in Victoria as it's only just been made up.

It's confusing isn't it? It confuses me.

hi all,

i'm indonesian, plan to studying nursing in oz next year, need some infos on how to start, since i plan to go in cert IV first, than go for my RN later. how long does the study takes from my cert IV to RN..?? and is it possible for me to get job contract after i finish cert IV, without PR, or should i apply PR first to get prof nursing job..??

anyone would like to inform me about this nursing school flow in oz would be appreciated..

warm rgds,

baby rei


Specializes in aged care/paediatrics. Has 17 years experience.

What state will you be living in?

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