STUDY ABROAD during pre-nursing

Students Pre-Nursing


Has anyone done it? How did you manage your pre-reqs? Did you go on a program that was related to nursing or no?


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I am military spouse stationed in Italy and I am working on finishing my pre-reqs for nursing school. It isn't hard what so ever. You will have to be patient with the classes. Not all courses are offered every term compared to the States? Where are you located? I am not in a program with any school anymore. I graduated with my AS from Coastline but I am finishing up with UMUC Europe for nursing pre-reqs. When you decide on a school of choice make sure you check their requirements. I am doing more than needed b/c who knows where we will be stationed next. I petitioned for Microbiology face to face and now it's offered next term:yeah: I also petitioned for Chemistry for Science Majors and its offered in January:yeah:Biology & A&P was already offered face to face. Majority of my classes were taken online. It can be done.

Not a problem, in fact don't leave home to go abroad! University of Toronto offers Human Physiology online through their school of medicine! I am also doing Statistics at Ryerson University in person over the summer - Toronto is an awesome the summer. Ryerson courses, only $500.00 Canadian, UofT - ~$1000.00 Canadian.

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