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Ive been reading posts regarding truman's selection process from last fall and it seems that many applicants who applied to Truman and got accepted actually got sent to Daley instead . Apparently, district had taken over and were sorting out applicants based on their zip codes. For example, if you live near Daley and applied at Truman -your acceptance will be for Daley :confused:. I'm wondering if anyone has heard if this will be the case again this year????????? because Im applying to Daley and Truman and if it is then most likely i will be put in Daleys program, and Truman has always been my first choice. People say Daley's program has no structure and they cram alot of material, so unless your able to absorb all that info and be tested on it then its the school for you. So if anyone has heard anything about the selection process this year plz forward me any info because im a little freaked out :eek:


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Good question, I hope someone can answer because I applied at Truman, Malcolm x, and daley

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ok sorry im new here im barely figuring out how to even post messages