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student seeking advice

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Hi there!

I'm in the applicant pool for the LPN program beginning this fall and need insight from those who've been here before.

First, the admissions interview--any advice?? What questions can I expect to be asked?

Another thing...I have great grades, great references, BUT I have NO medical background. My education is in Criminal Justice and I've worked in sales my entire life. Is now the time to get a volunteer job at the hospital?

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.


We didn't do interviews and many of us didn't have a medical background either. It varies from school to school so I would find the area your school weighs for admission. Ours was all about your gpa and TEAS. Best to you, Jules

I didn't have a medical background either, nor did about half my class. In our program, that necessitates takine a fundamentals class that basically trains you as a nursing assistant.

My suggestion is to go into your interview feeling very confident and dress professionally, no jeans & teeshirt. That comes across very well. They want someone who is sure of themselves & confident that they can do the work & be a great nurse.

I was asked why I wanted to be a nurse, what type of nursing interested me, if I wanted to bridge, could I commit myself to being there everyday, did I have any reason why it would be dificult to go to class. I was told that absences for clinicals are not tolerated. Would that be a problem? Did I have suport from my family (emotional). Those are the kind of questions mainly.

Good luck


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