Work and school? How did you do it?

  1. I'm not blessed as others with the ability to get my school funded for unless its through loans and scholarships and of course my own savings. I'm wondering, How many of you worked while going through school for RN and eventually CRNA. What opportunities arise as you go through the process of becoming a CRNA in terms of jobs and is it and was it manageable for you to work and study? Thank you.


    P.S. My particular situation: I'm in management at a company here in Monee, IL. Want to go back to school but go through nursing. I'm thinking of leaving my current job paying Approx 40Gs and then cut back after getting my CNA and work CNA while going through a Nursing program. After than, only time will tell. I will have to make many sacrifices but it is well worth the hard work. I truly love the idea of becoming a CNA. Thank you!
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    I think that working full time while you are in nursing school can be done especially without a lot of programs using online courses. However if it is your goal to go to CRNA school, I would not even entertain the idea of working. There are a few programs that have a part-time option but even then your hours are going very limited if you want to survive. Keep in mind it is a sacrifice the whole way through.