Wolford CRNA school

  1. Is Wolford CRNA school, in Naples, Florida a good decision? Someone told me, very recently, that I "shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket". Applied to Barry U. for the Jan. 2010 term and have heard from them that I need to score higher on my quantitative portion on the GRE for the admission committee to review my app. (scored a sad 910). So now I'm applying to USF and possibly Wolford, if I can gain some perspective in their program. BTW, am rescheduled to retake the GRE on May 11 (after a costly Kaplan review course).

    Good, Bad, and ugly, I'd like some input on the Wolford program.
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  3. by   jasy
    we are sailing in the same boat, applied at barry told me to take gre cause of I have 600 quants and 330 in english, passed ccrn, i applied for jan 2009 now i requested them to open it for 2010. might retake it as soon as possible in a month or so. Wolford, I havent heard really good things about it.
  4. by   rizzy
    Walford is on my list of schools as well... Could you elaborate more on why do you think it's not the best choice?

    Thanks, :spin:
  5. by   jasy
    Cause they have problems with clinical sites. Heard attrition rate is high still I'm gonna apply. Good luck
  6. by   uvlclark
    Type in the word "Wolford" into the search line on this website and you will see what others' experiences have been.
  7. by   Nancy C.
    Hi, I have also applied Barry class of 2010. Did they tell you to retake GRE before they turn in your file to admission committee? My gre is barely 1020 but I did not hear from them yet. Do you know what is their cut-off Gre score? And, I did not hear from Barry yet. Do you know how soon I will hear from them? THANKS, Nancy
  8. by   jasy
    They need only 1000 will be hearing soon mine is math 600 English 330. Good luck
  9. by   judyrnbsnccrn
    Yes, the e-mailed me that they wouldn't review my application until I scored higher on the gre. "our current applicants average quantitive score is 576".
  10. by   markuskristian
    Basically solely on what I have read from others, Wolford is by far on the lesser end of quality CRNA programs. The two most commonly said things about the school is that it has very little prof/student bond, hence less quality of training and that it is more or less a diploma mill. Again, not my opinion, only the words of others.
  11. by   markuskristian
    Oh, if you're in Florida, check out Florida International University. I've heard that it is absolutely top-notch. Barry and UAB are two other high renown programs in the southeast.