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Hi all, I am mostly a lurker here on this site and now am in need of some advice. I will be graduating from nursing school in 2 weeks and have been offered two different ICU positions. My goal is... Read More

  1. by   goinforit
    well, I have given it a lot of thought and I have made my decision. I am going to go with option 2. I thought long and hard and I really appreciate everyones advice, but in the first post I had mentioned that option 1 had a not so good reputation, and that option 2 had a great reputation, and to be honest I just feel safer being a newbie and working for this hospital. Also I feel good about option 2 because I told them in the interview that my intention was to get into CRNA school in about 3 years and the manager was very encouraging about it. For some reason I didn't get the feeling that I should tell the first manager about my goals. Anyway, I plan on getting my bearings and soakin up all I can in a year and if I need to I will look into moving over to the CVICU, the HR lady said it was pretty easy to move over to another ICU or to even do PRN shifts. Neuro surgical trauma ICU here I come!!!!
  2. by   wanttobeacrna
    I was interviewed for kumc and newman last year both tuff programs..tuff interviews..But I think both of them really have great experiences that they can offer.. If you want KUMC this is a tuff tuff program with lots of responsibilities, but when coming out of this program it is well known that the crna's really know what they are doing.