What's the lowest GPA you've heard of someone having been accepted into CRNA school?

  1. I plan on applying to CRNA one day after a few years of nursing experience in the ICU setting. I know the minimum GPA requirement for CRNA schools is 3.0, but what's the lowest GPA you've heard of a person having that's gotten accepted? By the time I'm out of school with my BSN my GPA will probably be between 3.0-3.3, so I was wondering if that was going to hurt me a lot being that the majority of SRNA's get in with 3.5 and higher GPA's. Will I just have to make up for it in years of experience, credentials, GRE, interviews, ect..? I've heard if you're weak in one area you usually have to make up for it in another. I know me applying to CRNA school is well on the horizon, but that doesn't mean I don't think about these things now. I've just been curious lately and any advice or opinions would be very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   jackson74
    Lowest gpa: 2.8....the guy didn't get in on his first attempt...reapplied...made a's in the 3 graduate level classes that could be taken prior to entering this particular program, kissed butt while shadowing (numerous days shadowing)...reapplied and got in...good luck
  4. by   asianrn
    lowest was 2.7; he repeated his undergrad sciences, GRE of 1200, have well over 10 years of critical care experience..he's a CRNA now
  5. by   piper_for_hire
    It's true - with a weakness in one of the areas, you'll have to be strong in the rest. However, with only two years of ICU, you're going to be weak in two areas - GPA and experience. You'll need really good GRE scores and reccs before you'll get any interviews. I agree with the last poster - it would be a really good idea to take some of the core MSN classes and ace them.

  6. by   jessi78
    I think that a 3.0-3.3 might be acceptable as long as you had other things to boost up your resume. I think there is a bit of forgiveness on early grades when you were younger (in college)- especially the non-nursing classes. When you make attempts to show how motivated you are at becoming a CRNA: get your CCRN, work in the ICU, shadow CRNAs, obtain strong rec letters - your overall GPA may not hold as much weight. That said, if your science grades are the grades that are pulling down the average, it may help your chances to retake some of them - further expressing your motivation for this endeavor.
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    Thanks for the advice
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    Thanks for the advice

    Yeah thanks for the advice ya'll! "Scrubz" pm me or something, we should keep in close contact, cuz it seems you and I are in very similar shoes.
  9. by   mnhawki
    Actually there are some programs with a min 2.75 out there. I am going to St. Marys in Minneapolis and their gpa min is 2.75. Their average GPA for applicants is still above 3 though.