UT Houston CRNA Program

  1. Did anyone apply to the CRNA program at UT Houston for Fall 2008. I applied but still haven't heard anything from them. When I called to inquire about the status of my application its like hitting a stone wall. Any input from past and present applicants will be appreciated.
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  3. by   LonghornRN
    I spoke with the student affairs office and they said that you will know by December whether or not you get an interview and interviews start in January.:spin:
  4. by   CCUROB

    I have applied and haven't heard anything. When I call it sounds like they are definitely "not as organized" as the other schools I have applied to. To top it off, they lost 4 out of 5 recommendation letters that I sent to them. Did not have any problem with the other schools. I have a funny feeling about this one.
  5. by   srna2008
    I called UT Houston last week and got voicemail. The lady that returned my call left me a voicmail stating they were missing a transcript and two LOR's. I called her back this past monday and she gave me the registrars office and they had all my materials, for some reason the nursing dept could not access the scans of all my material. The staff was very helpful once I was able to speak to someone.

    Good luck with your apps
  6. by   TransplantGUru
    I spoke to the secretary of the program director and she was very short with her answers. I e mailed the directo and I haven't heard anything from him either. You're right, in comparison to the other programs staff they are definitely not that forthcoming.
    Have you heard anyhing about the program?
  7. by   akijitsu
    I don't know anyone at UT Houston, but I do have a friend who was an adjunct instructor there.
    They wash out a fairly large number of their students (ie fail them or get them to quit).
    Ask them what their graduation/starting number has been over the last 5 years. you may want to base your choice on this if you get into more than one program.
  8. by   foxyhill21
    Nice to know about the "wash out", I have actually been entertaining the idea of applying there. I was going to take the preq this spring, but I have not heard a lot of good information about the program, must of the stuff I hear is negative.
  9. by   TransplantGUru
    Anyone heard from UT yet. It doesn't appear its one of the popular choices on this forum. I willreally appreciate any pertinent information on the admission process of the CRNA program.
  10. by   COtraumarn
    I applied to UTH last year and did not get in. I remember getting a letter by mid Dec and did the interview mid- late Jan of this year. Like other people said, I had to send a couple of things in twice.
    The interview wasn't bad. It's not a lot of clinical questions- if any. It was a panel of 10 and they asked you why you want to be a CRNA and why UTH and blah blah. When I asked why I didn't get accepted the guy told me to show more enthusiasm- so show some enthusiasm.
    After they interview they let you know w/in 2 weeks. Good luck.
  11. by   deeks310
    Thanks for the information. That is a weird thing for them to say that you didn't show enough enthusiasm! It is hard when you are nervous, I am sure
    You said that you applied last year? Did you apply again this year? If so, what did you particularly like about UT houston? Have you applied to other Texas Schools (like baylor?)
  12. by   COtraumarn
    No. I didn't apply again as I got into TWU and Pitt. Decided to come to Pitt b/c it left me w/ the best impression. If you applied to TWU- all they ask is Clinical questions. The only one I applied to in Houston was UTH.
    Best of luck to you.
  13. by   TransplantGUru
    Got my interview letter for Feb 8. Accepted at TWU. Thank God!! So excited.
  14. by   LonghornRN
    Congrats TransplantGuru :smiley_aa,
    Boy, I wish I had an acceptance letter in my bag of tricks. I have inteview at UT for Feb 7th. Just curious, if you get into UTH as well, where would you go?

    Best wishes,