USF CRNA low GRE vs. high Experience.

  1. Hello guys. I have already submitted my application to the USF CRNA Fall 2018 program, and perhaps just looking for some peace of mind.

    My GRE score is low: 144 Verbal, 149 Quant.

    I had little time to practice for GRE (2 weeks or so), since I wanted to meet the priority deadline. But I think there's little more I can do to improve it, since English is a second languege for me and I haven't had algebra since 5th grade, and it was never in English. I am very good at math, took Calculus 2 years ago, but I felt like I was taking 2 English tests vs. math and verb. and ended up running out of time quickly.

    I have 10+ years in ICU setting behind my belt: (Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, Burn ICU, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Vascular ICU, Cardiac ICU, PACU). Including 2 years in level one Trauma Center (TGH) & 2+ years being an Agency Charge ICU RN in local hospitals.

    I have 3 solid recommendation letters (CRNA, ICU Director/Supervisor, and MD)

    I feel like my Statement of Purpose is very solid and personal.

    I speak 5 languages.

    Maybe someone has some input on the interview and if can sway the odds in my favor.
    Or perhaps I should consider taking CCRN exam in 1 month from now (I took some practice tests and got 73.3% without practice).


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  3. by   Etomidating
    I applied to the same school with a 296 GRE. Only 1.5 years CVICU experience but we do transplants, VADs, Impella, ECMO and pretty much everything else. I have a 3.7 GPA, CCRN, PALS and ACLS and am an ECMO Specialist.. who knows what they will think...
  4. by   m1lkofamnesia
    Your GRE might be okay. Definitely get that CCRN. I would say that the majority of applicants will have their CCRN.
  5. by   SergiyO
    GOOD LUCK... too late to retake )

    I briefly worked in TGH CSU unit a long while ago.
    GRE is one unorthodox test, feels like it doesn't evaluate your knowledge at all, rather it tests on how well you take the GRE. Only part I liked was the 2, 30 min writing parts.
    I think if they made math questions harder (not wording wise) and drop the # of Q to 11 and Verbal to 15 not changing times, it would be a better test. Don't see the point, how exactly are they testing persons ability if one is too short on time and forced to guess the answers. And I never freaked out was calm and methodical the whole time, good under stress situations. Its just not feasible for me as its a foreign language, even the math language they use. I bet the verbal part is even foreign to some English Natives!)
    I was traveling the world prior to September...Wish I had more time to prep for all these tests!)
  6. by   GaMommy81
    I remember reading on USF's website that their minimum GRE score for the CRNA program is 292.
  7. by   SergiyO
    Yes, thank you... but the preferred is 300... so hope they look at the whole package vs this nonsensical test.
  8. by   SergiyO
    CRNA*Application*Checklist*I found from 2016 Revised for applicants

    TRANSCRIPTS:*One*Official*Sealed*transcript*from*e very*institution*of*higher*learning*previously*

    GRE:*Graduate*Record*Examination*(GRE)*taken*withi n*5*years*of*application.*Competitive*scores*on*th e*
    GRE*are*required.*An*overall*score*of*292*(combina tion*of*Verbal*and*Quantitative)*is*the*minimum*
    score*needed*to*be*awarded*points*towards*the*init ial*rubric.*An*Analytical*Writing*score*of*3.0*is* the*
    minimum*score*needed*to*be*awarded*points*towards* the*initial*rubric.*

    RESUME/CV:*A*copy*of*your*current*resume*or*curriculum*vi ta.*Format*must*follow*the*template*found*

    PERSONAL*STATEMENT:*Two‐page*statement*of*profes sional*and*academic*goals.*Must*meet*the*criteria*
    found*at:*Page Error - USF Health

    RN*LICENSE:*Unrestricted*Registered*Nursing*licens e*to*practice*in*the*United*States*at*the*time*of*
    application.*Must*have*an*Active*and*Clear*Florida *RN*license*prior*to*the*start*of*the*clinical*pha se.*

    RECOMMENDATIONS:*Must*submit*no*less*than*3*recomm endations.*To*be*considered*official,*these*
    recommendations*must*be*made*via*the*form*provided *at:***.*The*
    o Current*clinical*supervisor*evaluating*clinical*co mpetence;*
    o Academic*faculty*member*familiar*with*academic*per formance*and*potential*for*graduate‐level*
    o CRNA*or*Anesthesiologist*indicating*potential*as*a n*anesthesia*provider.**

    CRITICAL*CARE*ICU*EXPERIENCE:*A*minimum*of*two*cur rent*years*of*experience*as*an*RN*in*an*
    aggressive*adult,*pediatric,*and/or*neonatal*ICU*critical*care*unit*must*be*complet e*prior*to*
    o Critical*care*is*defined*as*medical*intensive*care ,*surgical*intensive*care,*cardiovascular*intensiv e*
    care,*coronary*critical*care,*or*neurology*intensi ve*care.**
    o Must*have*daily*or*full‐time*contact*with*patien ts*in*intensive*care*units,*use*of*invasive*
    monitors,*continuous*cardiac*monitors,*ventilators ,*vasoactive*infusions,*and*life‐threatening*
    o Emergency*room,*operating*room,*post‐anesthesia, *and*obstetrics*are*not*accepted*as*critical*
  9. by   elm831
    I have a friend in the program now who got in with a 293 on the GRE and have heard of others with similar scores getting in as well. It's not impossible! I do think they had their CCRN though.