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Hello Everyone! Looking to hear from others who have applied to the UNE CRNA program to start in May 2018. I applied earlier this month and figured it would be helpful to start a thread where we... Read More

  1. by   CharICU
    Hi everyone!

    what was your resume like, for those that got accepted to UNE's CRNA program?

    did you take the required biochem/stats class?
    CCRN? GREs? years of ICU experience?

    I went to UNE nursing for undergrad! great university. portland is amazing. you'll all love it!

  2. by   icurn234
    anyone get accepted off the waitlist yet?
  3. by   ICURN29
    Nothing yet for me. Still hopeful, but also working on prerequisites for other programs. Keep us posted if you hear back!
  4. by   icurn234
    Anyone hear anything? The anticipation is killing me!
  5. by   Sara D.
    In response to your curiosities Charlie...

    Yes, I took Biochem, and honestly, it was b/c most programs would take either Organic Chem OR Biochem & quite frankly, I wanted to beef up my CV & better my chances. I also refreshed my Stats course, as it was > 10 yrs old.

    I earned my CCRN in 2015, took the GRE in 2017, have 3.5 yrs critical care experience (CTICU), and have been a nurse for 6 yrs.

  6. by   icurn234
    Anybody hear anything off the waitlist?
  7. by   ICURN29
    Still waiting to hear back from UNE regarding my waitlist status. I emailed them today to inquire about the current status of students on the waitlist and will let you guys know when I hear back.
  8. by   icurn234
    Hear anything?
  9. by   icurn234
    Anyone hearing anything back from UNE? Anyone accepted off the waitlist?
  10. by   aa9765
    Hi! I am on the waitlist at UNE and still waiting to hear. Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist yet? And anyone and willing to comment about what you've heard so far about the program would be helpful! Thanks.
  11. by   icurn234
    AA9765 I am still waiting to hear as well. Has anyone who was on the waitlist heard anything yet?