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  1. I am new to the site, but just got the acceptance e-mail to University of Cincinnati for Sept '07. Wondering if anyone else out there is planning to enter this class? It would be nice to know someone before I ge there...

    I have found the information here to be invaluable in my quest to get accepted to a program. Thanks to all who have posted and shared information.
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  3. by   NCSRNA
    Congratulations on getting in! I also recieved an acceptance e-mail for the Sept '07 class. I am extremely excited about starting this program, although slightly apprehensive about moving up north. My body has become somewhat acclimated to the southern climate!! Good to know someone else out there is gearing up for the same thing. Look forward to hearing back.
  4. by   Hold'emRN
    Congats NCSRNA and Quiet1 I know you both will make great CRNA's! It is a great feeling to know you are in. Good luck and buy a warm jacket!:chuckle :chuckle Party time!!!! :hatparty: :hatparty:
  5. by   starae
    I too got that wonderful e-mail message. I did not think the interview went well, so I'm a little shocked.

    I agree, the information gained here is very helpful.

  6. by   NCSRNA
    I agree! I walked out of the interview slightly disappointed because of how it went. I got asked the most obscure questions. I suppose something worked in our favor!
  7. by   LIZPICURN
    Hey everyone! Congrats. I think there is a trend! I thought my interview went awful! I was nervous and remember thinking to myself that I sounded more like a rambling idiot. But, I too got that E-mail of acceptance. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  8. by   SRNA-Halothane
    I also thought my interview was awful at first. Then as I analyzed it on the ride home and I realized I didn't do to bad. I was prepared for real in depth scenario questions like my past interviews and didn't get one. Anyways I also got the acceptance e-mail on Thanksgiving day :spin::spin::spin::spin:. So I will see everyone in August/September. The midwest is going to be a huge change for me, I don't get that much snow were I am come from. The hard part/competition part is over now we all need to band together and help each other out. See you all in the fall and congratulations to everyone!
  9. by   Quiet1
    Congratulations to all. Now that the official letters are out, it is really beginning to feel real.

    I am looking forward to taking this giant leap in my career... But I am also very nervous. There are so many unanswered questions... and then there is the big move. It will be an adventure, I guess.

    Any suggestions out there on how to proceed with finding living accommodations? I have a husband and a rather large dog (90 pound lab) to think of as well.

    Again, Congratulations to all!! What an accomplishment!
  10. by   SRNA-Halothane
    I am in the same boat as you. I also have a big move to make from Virginia and not really looking forward to it. The school yes, the move no. We have a friend who lives in northern Kentucky and is gathering info for me. When I receive it I will be more then glad to share.
  11. by   JimandAmi
    Hey guys! I just wanted to welcome you to the program. I am a second year student (I guess I'm a senior as of now, since the upper class just graduated!). Congrats on your acceptance and please let me know if you have any questions, ok? If will be a very difficult road, but well worth it in the end.

  12. by   Quiet1
    Thanks for the encouragement. I am very excited about being accepted.

    Now that you have been there for a while, do you have any suggestions regarding where to live? Do you have any idea what the job situation is for people who are not in the medical field?
  13. by   JimandAmi
    I live in Florence, Kentucky with my husband and son (almost 3 years old) and we really like it. Houses and apartments are a little cheaper than in Cincinnati and it is very kid/family friendly. However, it is about 25 minutes to the hospital and campus so if you want to live closer, it's probably not the place for you. The area right around the hospital is not the best neighborhood, but several of my classmates do live in apartments down there (not with spouses though). I have a good friend in the program who is originally from Cincy (I moved from Indianapolis) and I will ask her about good neighborhoods and get back to you. As far as the job market, I'm not really sure. My husband didn't have trouble finding a job, but he is in health care. If you let me know a specific field, I will see what I can find out. Hope this helps....let me know if you have other questions.
  14. by   KatrinaPM
    Hey there!
    I am new to Cincinnati because my husband started med school at UC and I am working as an RN until it's MY turn to go back to school! Whee!

    Anyway, as far as where to live, my suggestion is to move to the East Side of the city or to look into living in Kentucky. I live in Pleasant Ridge and other great places to look are in Oakley and Hyde Park. Most people on the west side of the city have lived there forever and their families have been there forever and seem to be so happy with their lives that they may not be interested in new friends...that's my feeling about the city anyway. Let me know if you have any other questions, and feel free to PM me