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Dear fellow CRNA's, I became an RN at age 26. I'm turning 28 years old this year. I am highly interested in becoming a CRNA. But I have some doubts of going into this specialty because (1)... Read More

  1. by   TexasGas
    Average age in my current class at CRNA school is around 35. That's the average. That's all I can say.
  2. by   jene2000
    its never too late!!!!!!!!!!
    dont u think its possible to find a school that doesnt require 2 yrs in icu but just one?at least u would save a year!

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts in helping me out!

    Take care[/quote]
  3. by   e14lopez
    Oh dear!!! you are never too old. I just started the program and i am probably the youngest person there ( i am 24) everyone else ranges from 26-a lot older!!!
    Please, dont let money stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Take out loans for tuition and to live. Once you are done with school you will be making so much money that those loans will be paid off in no time. It is truly worth the sacrifice (all CRNA's that I know tell me this, so believe me.)
  4. by   DAGR
    I'm 33, just graduated in December. I am one of the younger people in my class.
  5. by   PralineLPN
    I'm in the same boat. I'm 28, still need my RN and 2 years exp, but I'm doing it no matter what. I think most CRNA students a bit older, anyways.
  6. by   TopJimmy
    I'm 37. I have an interview at the end of the month.

    If you want it, go get it. :mortarboard:
  7. by   sawingzzzz's
    most of the people in my class were in their mid 30's to early 40's as i would estimate. there were very few in their 20's and a few over 40. Don't worry, i would say you will be part of the biggest age range.
  8. by   daniw603
    I am a new grad who's 30 getting my critical care experience while simultaneously working on my BSN and pre-reqs for CRNA school- I also just had a baby and plan to finish CRNA school by the time my son is 5 so we can "settle down". Somewhere I read that the avg. CRNA student is 32 with kids- so that puts me at average and you a little younger! I think because of the experience requirements the program tends to have slightly older than traditional students.
    What are your other plans- are you married, etc.? You can make it work if you plan carefully! I bought an inexpensive home at 25years old with a 15 year mortgage- so when I start CRNA school it will be nearly half paid off and I can live off the equity and student loans- its my "savings" account for about the same as rent...
    Decide now- and make it happen while you're still VERY young!!!!!!!
  9. by   crna08
    Are you kidding? I just completed my first year of CRNA school and will turn 46 in March. You are only as old as you allow yourself. My friend in the class in 50! We do better than some of the younger ones.
  10. by   ReeseW
    Thank you all for your warm words of encouragement. I will keep my eye on the prize! I plan on applying 2-3 yrs. from now after working CCU/ICU. Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   ReeseW
    thx! i'm very single now, just relocated from philly to ny. i still want to travel the world and eventually buy my own condo. thank for reminding me that I am not too late to go for my CRNA!