1. Hello I wanted to see what you guys think of my stats. I have been an ICU nurse for 2.5 years, we do open hearts, medical icu. GPA undergrad 3.6. member of the evidenced based council, bls instructor and acls instructor. also am involved with research. just took my gres which were not very good 140 verbal and 145 math. any tips?
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  3. by   CowboyMedic
    You need to bring your GRE score up if you are applying to a program that wants it. Have you looked into getting your CCRN yet? That will help you as well but your other stats look pretty good.
  4. by   ProgressiveThinking
    Retake the GRE and score > your desired school's minimum which is usually 297 or 300 for most programs. You can use Magoosh (I did this), the ETS prep book, or even take a Kaplan course. Get your CCRN. Getting CSC (open hearts) or CMC would definitely help as well. You can also apply to programs that don't require GRE. Aside from GRE your stats are pretty good. Some schools like leadership experience like being charge nurse, rapid response, etc. Others don't care. Definitely contact the program directors of the schools you're interested in. I emailed a few when I was applying, and IME they were all more than willing to guide me in the right direction.
  5. by   jj224
    GRE score is garbage. Everything else looks great. ACLS instructor is awesome. Do CCRN. Apply places that don't need GRE.