Second go around

  1. I have 2 questions re: applying the next year after not being accepted the first time:

    1) Do you need new letters of recommendation for the 2nd application if you're applying to the same schools again?

    2) Will most CRNA schools accept the credit from the basic level classes that one can take pre-acceptance if the credit is from a DIFFERENT school? I'm talking like assessment, anatomy, etc... Are there any classes that would be a good idea to take that definitely DO cross over?

    I hear a lot of "Just go for it and apply, it can't hurt you..." But what if you have a manager who disapproves of your goals and would continue to dash you dreams year after year? Then you let the cat out of the bag that first year and you might not even get a good manager-manager recommendation should you decide to pack up and try another ICU...

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  3. by   japaho41
    I would think that you could use the same letters, why not. I would bet that after hundreds of applicants they probably would not recognize the same letter that was submitted last year.
    Your second issue on the courses, I think that taking any course beyond basic research and theory could pose a challenge. Especially a course like anatomy, because each program may have different ways that the course is taught. You probably could slide the assessment course through.
  4. by   wanttobeacrna
    If you have any feelings that your manager does not approve of your goals..get another manager or job quickly. I had a manager that told me she could write a good letter of recommendation for me and then totally skunked me in the end. Those programs told me that this was a major ding on my app. All my other recommendations were fantastic. Now my search goes on because those programs told me with this ding I could not reapply. PS...that manager was fired shortly after this experience..little too little...little too late. Best of luck!!!