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  1. Looking for the top nurse anesthetist schools in the country. Anyone know of a list? Any help is great. I live in lower Michigan, so some help with local colleges and top colleges throughout the country is appreciated!

    Also, wondering if it is better to get my bachelors and become a registered nurse and then get a job as a nurse and then go back to college to get my masters as a nurse anesthetist? What would you recommend?

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    Thats pretty much the paty that you should follow. Most programs now require a BSN and some experience. That is the way that I went and it is working out for me well, thus far.

    You need to get the BSN and work in a busy ICU for as long as it takes for you to develop a strong skill set.
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    You don't have a choice about working as an RN prior to anesthesia- you must have a minimum of 1 year expereince as RN prior to starting Anesthesia School. There are currently 4 schools in Lower Michigan, Wayne State University, Oakland University/Beaumont, University of Detroit Mercy all in Detroit, and University of Michigan-Flint/Hurley Medical Center in Flint. Michigan State is on the verge of opening a new program in East Lansing either late 07 or in 08. Your first big challenge is to get into a nursing program- there are lots of applicants, few spots, and some long wating lists. Good Luck