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  1. greetings all, anyone have any dealings with the program at samford university. im interested in anything you have to say about the program ranging from how the classes were ran to the clinical aspect of it. i have already had phone conversations with some staff at the program, but hopin i might get some honest "straight shootin" replies from the forum here.
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  3. by   RN1980 samford anesthesia students here?
  4. by   medic7577
    If you check out www.* CRNA forum*, you'll should be able to make some contacts and find out more info. I do know that there is at least one student there. Sounds like an excellent program.



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  5. by   medic7577
    Well, I was just trying to help 1980 out by putting them in touch with someone that I know for sure is in that program since he/she had not gotten a response as of yet.

    1980, the link in my above post is not the link that I put in my original was changed somehow, but since I apparently cannot put links in my posts, google nurse anesthesia and hopefully you can find the link I was referring to in the original version of my initial post, you'll know it when you see it. There you can get in touch with a current SRNA at Samford and hopefully get the information you are seeking.

    Good Luck!

  6. by   RN1980
    appreciate the assistance giff, i went to a crna/srna website that is pretty much dedicated to anesthesia and anesthesia education and got my answers.
  7. by   AbeFrohman
    I attend Samford. Great program. What would you like to know?
  8. by   RN1980
    abe, ill send you a pm later if ok.
  9. by   AbeFrohman
    Sure send me a pm anytime. Im not on here often so give me time to check in. Already sent you one on how to contact me at my email.
  10. by   CCU-RN3
    Can you tell me about the interview process at Samford? Do you know how many are typically interviewed and how many are accepted?
  11. by   AbeFrohman
    about 20-25 accepted, 50-60 interview, about 100 apply.

    The interview process is laid back, mostly get to know you stuff. They take your various different GPAs, GRE score, years of experience, and assign them a numerical value. Subjective points are given to LORs and interview, and bonus points are given for leadership, volunteering, and graduate level courses. Those with the highest score get in.

    There will be five separate interviews with different faculty. One is a guy who will clinically quiz you until you miss a question (questions based on your previous experience) and will inevitably say "You're level of knowledge is about average and is right here [insert low to ground hand gesture] and we are you going to put you here [insert hand gesture over head]." This is told to everyone basically.
  12. by   KYgirl14
    when you say they quiz you clinically on things that you deal with in previous experiences, how do they know what your experiences have been? from resume and letters? im trying to think of what they would ask about SICU experience...drugs/drips/vent management/invasive monitoring? those are the things i am focusing on, is this the right direction?