Retake A & P classes?

  1. Hello all!

    I graduated nursing school with a 3.53 but I have to admit that my prerequisite grades (specifically A &P) were not the greatest (C's). Should I retake these classes or is it futile at this point? I'm a new grad nurse and have been working for the past 3 mos. in med-surg/cardiac/tele.

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  3. by   druped
    In my limited expereience with interviews(one) at Penn, they did bring up my past grades, specifically the sciences,so as you are jsut starting your career, my advice is that it wouldnt hurt.-Again i am just starting the process myself, and this is advice after one interview.

    good luck
  4. by   Rohan
    We have to get a B to get accepted to the nursing program..........
  5. by   TexasCCRN
    If you have time go for it. It will only help you to take a basic physiology class again. If not I made a C in one and a B in my other in undergrad. I got into school, and I actually have an A average in my anatomy class right now.

    I actually brought up my grades in the interview, stated that I was young, unfocused, etc. My grades did show a steady improvement throughout nursing school though. Your GPA is good.

    Like I said I would retake it if I had time (which you do). Not only does it help to take a class for the information, but keeps you in that study frame of mind. That was one of the hardest things about getting back into school was getting used to studying again after being out of school for 3 yrs.
    Good luck
  6. by   tinderbox
    Takes for the advice!! Good luck in your career pursuits!!

  7. by   ParalyzeDragon
    Hey I am a wanna be CRNA but I have a 3.05 GPA which is barely the minimum. I am set to work Trauma ICU for a year and then apply. I took the GRE, maybe I need to take it again...450/v,700/m, and 4.5w. I have a previous BS in Chem Engineering 2.8 gpa. My BSN classes actually got my GPA up...but still... the question is should i retake organic chem if I have a B and a C? Should I retake physics I have B's. Or should I just shoot and try to apply in a year???????????My bio grades are good all A's.
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