Responsibilities of a CRNA

  1. Could anyone tell me what a CRNA nurse deals with on a shift? What are your responsibilities? Can someone orient me to all of the devices/monitors? Any pics/websites of monitors/devices? What is a typical day like? Any advice?

    I am interested in the program just wanted more information.
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  3. by   Jarnaes
    If you are the PACU Queen then you should just ask one of the many anesthesia providers you deal with on a daily basis. I'm sure they would love to show you their set ups and talk about their schedules...
  4. by   skipaway
    If you are really interested, go and ask one of the CRNAs at your workplace if you can ''shadow'' during their day. That is the easiest and best way to get a real glimpse of what the job entails.
  5. by   PACU queen
    I am sorry to mislead you. I do not work in the PACU ..yet. I just chose that name cuz I wish to be the PACU queen...haha. I work on a Med Surg floor right now..but wish to work my way up to the PACU
  6. by   ready4crna?
    PACU-Check out the stickies at the top of the forum, they will help you design a plan for becoming a SRNA, which will lead to CRNA. Also do a search for postings by Nilepoc, Nitecap, and of course the "guru"- YOGA. I personally recommend you start by giving up on the PACU and go to an ICU first. Most schools require a year of critical care experience and from what I've seen, PACU does not count for most of them. Check out for a list of accredited school links. Good Luck!
  7. by   catcolalex
    Just a bit of advice, dont call them a crna nurse though. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist already covers that. its a bit redundant and can come out sounding a tad bit ignorant.