Required Text lists

  1. What are the required texts you all needed to get for your school?

    I am currently in RN school but will be shooting for my CRNA when I get the experiecnce, etc. needed. It is quite a long ways off but I have begin to read about the subject to prepare me with a solid knowledge base.

    I will be working locally for a couple years to get the ICU experience and wait for my daughter to enter college. During that time, I want to study to keep my head fresh.

    I know, all schools are different, but that is not important- keeping my head in study mode is as well getting that solid knowledge base that will help me when I finally do get accepted into a CRNA program.

    Thanks all!
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  3. by   EricJRN

    I moved your post to the Pre-CRNA Inquiry Forum, which is the best place to get advice from CRNA's/SRNA's about preparation for CRNA school.

    Good luck to you!