Realistic Avg GPA for admission

  1. I know most CRNA schools require at least a 3.0 GPA for admission. In reality...all opinions are welcome here....what do you think the real average GPA is for students entering CRNA school. I am assuming it is higher than 3.0.
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  3. by   cheat25
    I have found that many schools will list the average GPA and GRE scores for the previous classes. Most seem to bee in the 3.5 range. I think that realistically, you need better than a 3.0 to be competetive unless you have very high GRE scores and strong experience. I am planning to apply to several schools this fall. I have a good GPA, but the GRE is what I am worried about now. I take the GRE Oct. 26.
  4. by   piper_for_hire
    Agreed. The schools around here all advertise "above 3.0" but when you talk to them they all want 3.5 or better. They do frequently make exceptions for nurses with killer experience but crappy GPAs from many years ago.

  5. by   Outdoor1
    I think a lot of people on this board are sick of the GPA question. 3.1 here 2 years of ICU experience and around 1000 on the GRE. All of that doesn't mean squat. I am a year into a very tough CRNA program and i have a 4.0.

    So, for everyone's information the numbers don't mean squat. Previous grades are a good predictor, not a definite of how you will do in school. There are people in my class who had a million years ICU expereince and a very high GPA and have struggled and/or flunked out. With that said there are some who have done very well.

    An admission board looks at you as a whole package, personality, other experiences, attitude, etc. You as an applicant have to "fit in" with the program if you will.

    I hope this doesn't sound too bad, i just get sick of people telling students that you have to have a 4.0 and 10 years of trauma ICU experience. If you want to be a CRNA do the best you can in school work hard in your nursing practice and get good recommendations.

    Good luck to all.
  6. by   LIZPICURN
    I agree with Outdoor1. I have a GPA of 3.2, and will have almost five years of nursing experience including PICU and most currently MICU/SICU. I was admitted to my CRNA program with a great interview, and currently crossing my fingers with my 2nd interview. If you have a slightly lower GPA, let the interview board see your strong qualities that will help balance out your weaknesses. Good luck!
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  7. by   Brian_SRNA
    Excellent posts...most schools want the nurse with the whole package, goo dgrades, GREAT SKILLS, good team work and personailty and a desire to be a CRNA. Best of luck to all.

  8. by   yanka12
    I agree about the GPA questions being like a broken record. In reality,I think it has to be 3.0 or better. You just never know...I am a Critical Care Nurse and Respiratory Therapist,with the GPA higher than 3.0 and you'd think I'd be in by now.No,still trying.