Re: Prospective LSU SCRNA Students

  1. First, I love this website. Anyway, have some important information to share w/ you:

    For anyone interested in enrolling in NURS 6305(registration begins May 2nd) pls read the following:

    I called removed by moderator for privacy concerns....(point of contact for the course) and she relayed the following info regarding the course:

    If you choose to enroll in the course, you will have to pay for the course completely out of your own pocket
    If you decide to take the course early, which I had planned to originally do, we will still be charged full admission fees regardless of whether you have taken the class early. In short, if you take the class early, you will still be obligated to pay full time fees; essentially, paying for the class you have already taken during the fall semester.
    Dr. xxxx advises aganist it, knowing that you will have completed a class required during the first semester and still have to pay for the class indirectly in your fees during the fall semester.
    The class in question will not be as detailed as the advanced pharmacology class that we will be taking(NURS 6305) consists mostly of written paper submittal- back to APA format again.

    Just thought that I would share this info.
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  3. by   Becky423
    Oops.. I posted to the other thread before I read this one. Thanks for the info. It seems I've heard about having to pay twice for it.

    hmmm... it still would be nice to knock it out of the way.

    But is the summer class not as detailed as if you were taking it in the fall? Does that mean if we take it in the summer we might miss some important material?
  4. by   Mandevillian
    Not a problem..... just giving everyone a heads up. As far as class content from what I have been told, does differ between summer/fall, but to what degree, I do not know. I do know that if I chose to take the class in the summer, we should have our tutition adjusted, but that's not the case. If you basically want to pay for the class twice, that's each individual student's choice. I would rather save my money
  5. by   Journeyman

    I have been reading your posts and i find it very informative. I am currently getting my BSN degree and have four years of Army combat medic experience. I currently don't have any RN or icu experience. However, I would like to prepare early. I would like to be a CRNA sometime in the future. How much icu exp do I need? You got accepted with 1.5 years of icu exp, is that correct? My GRE score is 1020 and my expected GPA for nursing school when I graduate is 3.5 and overall, counting all my very old classes from 2001, is 3.3. It seems you have a breath of knowledge, hopefully, you can give me some insight on what I need to plan and do. Thank you.