Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia 2019 cohort

  1. Hi all. Starting a thread for those interviewing at Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia fall 2019 cohort. Hope to hear from some of you who are interviewing or already have. My interview is next Thursday Nov. 8th! If anyone has some insight, it would be most appreciated. I worked with a couple of nurses who are currently attending Raleigh and they been very helpful prepping for the process.
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  3. by   jwoodyrn1
    Mine was rescheduled for 12/3, anyone else get a reschedule date? And what that would mean for notifications?
  4. by   cdmicu
    I have an upcoming interview there on the 15th!! I am excited but also nervous. Any insight from your interview?
  5. by   dvdavis
    I interviewed nov 6. Just be yourself and know your area. Everyone was really nice!
  6. by   rbjones1
    I also interviewed 11/6 and agree that the key is to just be yourself. The interviewers were really down to earth and easy to talk to.
  7. by   dvdavis
    Have you heard anything? Just curious if they will notify anyone before the last interview in December!
  8. by   rbjones1
    I have not. They said 12/3 by the latest.
  9. by   rn1021
    Hi! I had my interview Nov 8th. They were all very nice and personable. Anxiously waiting.
  10. by   rbjones1
    Good luck!
  11. by   nurse-crna-e
    I interviewed last week too.
  12. by   rn1021
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  13. by   dvdavis
    I haven't, definitely stalking the mail.
  14. by   rn1021
    Me Too!!! I'm anxious to hear something.