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Can anyone offer some advice on the professional goals statement required for most application packets? I am stumped! One of the schools question is as follows: Describe your interest in anesthesia.... Read More

  1. by   love-d-OR
    Thread is almost 4 years old! I'm sure the OP has settled this issue, and is hopefully in school now...
  2. by   BCRNA
    They want to hear a statement that is well thought out and sounds like it came from someone who is intelligent and has some understanding of what anesthesia is. You could talk about some sub specialty you want to get involved in--pediatrics, ob, pain management. I don't think they really care what your answer is, just that it sounds like an educated person who has career goals. Most of the time the questions they ask is just for a down and dirty assessement of your writing skills. You would be shocked by how many statements sound like they come from somoone without any type of education. Typos, misspellings, and incomplete sentences troughout the whole paragraph. I have read a good deal of applications, and we used this as an indicator of which ones to put on the bottom of the pile or throw out.

    If the application is full of typos or bad grammar, it isn't worth keeping.

    There is nothing wrong with asking what a good response would be, or what they are really looking for. It shows you are going to put thought into your answer and not just spout out whatever comes to mind.

    I also agree that if you could mention research or something you want to do after being a CRNA then it would show some ambition and make you stand out. Though if you mention research, you had better be able to discuss what about anesthesia you want to research. They will let you dig your on hole in the interview. Don't mention anything you can't talk intelligently about.
  3. by   karen0083
    Quote from GmanRN
    Youre searching for goals? Shouldnt your goals be obvious to you? Shouldnt you know without doubt why you want to become a CRNA?

    I never for a second even came close to asking someone else to help me with my personal statement. I mean after all its just that. A personal statement. I believe that a review board will know if your fabricating and just trying to sound good.

    Deciding to be a CRNA and then searching for reasons to do so seems backwards to me.
  4. by   EmmaNP
    perhaps you should learn the difference between use of "your" and "you're" before you critique other people so harshly : )