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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am a Clinical Laboratory Technologist with Masters degree and about 5yrs of clinical experience. I am contemplating a career change and considering Nursing seriously and CRNA in the future. Ultimately, I want to become a CRNA lecturer/educator at college/uni (in distant future).

    Can someone please post here whether someone like myself will be eligible to apply for an LPN/RN course online and then pursue the clinical component at a local hospital. I know that RN + critical care experience is a requirement to apply for CRNA programs.

    I found on the net that Uni of Phoeniz and others do offer nurse completion BS. Also, heard about Deaconess online LPN courses. Is it possible to take individual online courses (such as Nursing, Health and Disease Management, Foundation of Professional Nursing, Human Anatomy and Physiology) and then apply for credits for previous education and get an LPN/RN licensing exam once I complete the clinical aspects at a local hospital.

    Can someone provide some insights into nursing education for a newbee to the nursing field like myself.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   MB37
    If you go for a LPN first, you'll have many steps to go through before you can even apply to CRNA first. You need, at a minimum, to be an RN with 1-2 years of critical care experience and a bachelor's in either nursing or another field. Most schools require you to have a bachelor's in nursing, so that's a third step if you go for LPN first. Why don't you look into accelerated 2nd degree BSN programs and see if there are any in your area? You can do your prereqs probably mostly online and then earn your BSN in as little as one year of intensive schooling. Also, while there may be a few online entry-level RN programs out there (are there? I don't know), most of them are transition programs - i.e. ADN to BSN, etc. You will most likely have to attend classes on campus if it's your first time in nursing school.
  4. by   nursn2b
    Thanks MB

    As i already have a bachelors and masters, i keen to actually go for an RN license and then work for few yrs in ICU/critical care before applying for a crna school. I did not find any online schools. I am planning on going to a local college, part-time, as i want to keep my day job for now.
  5. by   gasmaster
    The CRNA programs will take into account where u received your BSN. I know that I've been told that they kinda' frown on correspondence degree's. Also, once you have completed that u will need to work critical care for at least 1 year, and some facilities don't want correspondence nurses going directly into the ICU environment. So why take the chance that you can't get in as quickly as you could if you went the traditional route. You would be amazed at how fast the BSN goes. Just go on campus and do it. Honestly, those correspondence degrees scare most of us. I mean, there is just no way you can be a safe nurse by going & doing a weekend or a couple of weeks of clinicals, which is all many of those programs require. I don't think I'd want someone who was trained that way doing my anesthesia.
  6. by   MB37
    Again, make sure that schools in areas you would consider living accept that. Many CRNA schools require a BSN, not just a bachelor's in something. If they do, look into whether the CCs in your area offer night/weekend programs for nursing. They do exist, but a lot of schools require students to go full time, during the day, during the work week. I already have a BS, but I'm doing the ABSN to allow me to be considered for acceptance at all CRNA programs. My program is 18 months after prereqs, and I just quit my job.
  7. by   japaho41
    Bypass the LPN route. Like the previous post you would be adding two extra steps. Go right for the BSN. Univ Phoenix is not the best option either. You want a fastrack program that is set up for people like yourself that already have a degree.
  8. by   nursn2b
    Thanks evryone for your thoughts. Yes, i wasnt sure either about the correspondence courses. I'm considering the ABSN programs also. I will have to look at ways to support my family in the meantime (i have a disabled 2yr old). Thanks once again for your thoughts.