1. I'm curious as to how anesthesia schools look at science pre req's.

    For example, by the time I apply all my science classes will be over 5 years old(some 10) and they all were taken at a local community college. Are those ever acceptable? Should I save myself time and start retaking all those courses at a university now?
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  3. by   JUSTanLPN

    I'm not sure if this matters but I will be applying to anesthesia schools within 2 years of obtaining my BSN
  4. by   detroitdano
    It depends on the school.

    Most schools usually want all your required pre-req sciences (chem, biology, A&P) to be within 10 years. The rest will say if you've retaken one within the last x number of years that is acceptable for them.

    Usually this information is posted in obvious places on school websites. Check out some schools you might want to apply to and figure out what your game plan should be. If you can't find the info, e-mail the program adviser or whoever's e-mail you can snag off the sites.
  5. by   detroitdano
    Also, regarding retaking courses, I have had numerous programs tell me retaking them at a university looks much better than retaking them at a community college.

    It can't hurt to ask the programs what their take on the matter is. It's a hefty chunk of change saved if they don't care if the courses were redone at a CC.