Past Grades??

  1. Hello,

    I have been a nurse for 12 years. Until the last 3 years, I never had heard or knew of a CRNA. Now that I have worked with CRNA's, I have chosen to pursue this higher degree of learning.

    My question is that my past grades are not all strong in science due to the fact that I took 3 science classes in one term to try to get into my ADN program by deadline. At that time, I was young and only wanted to pass to get into my ADN program.

    I am much more driven now and want very much to get into CRNA school.

    I am completing my BSN and am working very hard to get all A's. I a;m taking patho online this January and plan to study study study.

    Will this make a difference if they see I am getting A's now.

    Any info helpful.
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  3. by   apaisRN
    Yup. They like to see that you've matured and done better. Many of my classmates have imperfect past transcripts.