Online Statistics Grad Level Course???

  1. I need to find an online Grad level statistics course this summer. If you have any recommendations, please pass them on....thanks!
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  3. by   mfn1957
    Kansas State, Stat 703. fills up fast tho
  4. by   saturno14
    Drexel University, Introduction to Biostatistics (RSCH 519). Registration begins in about 1-2 weeks.
  5. by   bucknangler
    Quote from saturno14
    Drexel University, Introduction to Biostatistics (RSCH 519). Registration begins in about 1-2 weeks.

    Thanks! I just wrote their admissions office about more information regarding the application and registration process. Did you take this course?
  6. by   bucknangler
    kansas state university stat 703
    university of phoenix mba 510

    i contacted lsu via email and they recommended these two online programs. i just signed up for the uop. it is a six week course. hopefully, i'll get an a
  7. by   krisjazzer13
    I am signed up for Stats 703 @ Kansas State online; just wanted to let you all know that the class is currently full and there is already a waiting list of 7 people, so I would go with the other listed options for now (although this class is pretty short in duration and if you have the option of taking it in the fall, I would recommend it, as a friend of mine loved this class and said the instructor is great)
  8. by   Special31
    Anyone who took statistics at KSU, how often did the class meet online?
  9. by   i-njoy-being-a-nurse
    UT at Permian Basin offers MATH 6301 in the summer.
  10. by   bucknangler
    WOW!!! University of Phoenix's MBA 510 is freakin rediculous!. The class is only 6 weeks long...and they want a 4500 word paper in 4 weeks (4500 word paper is like 22 pages courier new 12 font), along with 750 word disccusion assignments per week, along with 3 hours of math homework per week, along with a 2500 word team paper and other individual assignments! Not to mention, the little things involved with an online class.

    I just dropped it because the cost was $2,100 dollars and the work load was geared more towards business students. The 4500 word paper was a financial/statistical analysis of a Bank of America scenario... Like I said, Freakin Rediculous!
  11. by   RNOB
    I'm looking for an easier online grad stats class. I'm taking it @ ISU right now and it's really tough! I just want to be able to make it thru the class. I have no interest in dealing with stats after this class
  12. by   clintcron
    Why not pick a school that doesn't require grad school stats? Just sayin.