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Hello all, I am thinking of taking a graduate-level pharmacology or advanced pathophysiology course this summer in preparation for applying to CRNA school in the future. I've looked through the... Read More

  1. by   livingthedream
    what is UofM? Michigan? Montana? can someone help me out?
  2. by   iLovemyJackRT
    University of Memphis! And I only know that because ucan2ccrn told me
  3. by   ucan2ccrn
    Hey guys, just an update. I just finished the summer version of Patho at the University of Memphis and got an A....... It was very, very, doable. And I went out of town twice this summer and did not carry a book with me once. Let me know if this is something you are considering.
  4. by   jhorwitz
    Hi Guys. Any chance anyone knows what the process is to register for a course at Univ of Memphis if you are not seeking a degree?

  5. by   ucan2ccrn
    Please PM me if you can. I will give you further details and who to contact. Classes have started for the fall.
  6. by   momwannab

    can you please contact me. i don't have the ability to send pms and would like more info on taking an online graduate level pathophysiology course in the spring. thanks!
  7. by   momwannab

    can you pm me with info as well. i don't have the ability to pm and i'd like to know more. thanks!!
  8. by   iLovemyJackRT
    If anyone wants info on an online grad phatho class contact me. I am more than happy to tell you about the class I took last year. I highly recommend it.

  9. by   sammy2415
    hello ucan2ccrn,

    thank you for your help in this matter, i am going to take patho and pharm class online too. could you please tell me how much these two classes cost for nondegree student, and if it is possible to take both classes at the same time or it is better to take them at different time. i appreciate any help or any tips on that.

    thank you,
  10. by   ucan2ccrn
    Sammy: I would not recommend taking these two together. They both require tons of hours out of the classroom to prepare.This is not to discourage you in anyway. They are advance for that reason. I just completed Adv. pharm and I m glad I took it alone and gave it the attention it required. Thankfully I received an "A", but I hit the books hard to obtain it. Hope this helps. I'm taking the fall off, I deserve a much needed break.
  11. by   purpleskyrn
    Hi! I am wondering if this online advanced patho is the same class which is required for the CRNA program?? According to the school I applied to this is the first class that will be taken. Do you mean to tell me I can take it online and I wouldn't have to drive an hour and a half to the school and sleep in my car if need be....because the class starts at 8:00am and in thinking about how I can swing this thing I decided that I may have to sleep in my car...good thing its a minivan....the swagger wagon which is even better than a regular minivan...ok well either way you look at it its a van.... funny,I always pictured myself in a mustang.
  12. by   gottafindclasses
    The information that you have all provided has been great but I have search the website and only find degrees available. I am not finding how to register for just a pharm or pathophys class Anyone willing to give me a hand I would like to just take an online class but not have to be headed towards a specific degree.
  13. by   gottafindclasses
    I would love to hear about the course you took