Nervous about GRE test

  1. Hi, I am currently in the process of applying to anesthesia school. One of my steps to getting there, is of course, the GRE. I am taking it this week and am quite nervous. I have prepared for about 5 weeks and feel fairly comfortable. I was wondering, was anyone else out there as nervous as I am quickly becoming........................Additionally, those that have been accepted, how is this score weighted in regards to the whole application process.
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  3. by   fungirl
    Well, no replies, but I took the test, didn't do nearly as well as I had expected, and feel I should take it again, what are your thoughts. Scored 1000. Keep in mind, I am applying to a school whom requires >1100. Will they really disregard my application with a low GRE score yet competitive gpa and experience. Let me know??
  4. by   lesrn2005
    keep us posted-I'll take GRE in a few months.
  5. by   badgernurse
    I scored 900something/4 the first time I took the GRE. I was very nervous and ran out of time because I spent too much time especially on calculating the quant. portion. I got the book, "GRE for dummies" and it pointed out some tricks to use while taking it. I did well on the verbal so concentrated on the quant portion and found that most answers require critical thinking over mathematecal proficiency. I took the test again and scored 1100something/4.5. It isn't the greatest but it's competitive.

    I think schools generally look at the overall picture of your app. The GRE is considered a mere formality at some schools. I would plan on taking the GRE again if you can and prepare differently, not more intensely. If you are applying now and can't take it over, you will hopefully shine in areas such as GPA and experience. 1000 isn't horrible, but if you can bump it up by 200-300 points, go for it. You now have the advantage of knowing what to expect out of the exam. Good Luck!