Need help with what to do!!

  1. I will be graduating nursing school soon and I am looking for a nursing job to get my experience for CRNA. I am looking in Nashville, especially Vandy. I was wondering if I should just concentrate on a job in the SICU area or if it would be ok to look for a job in the Trauma unit. If anyone knows if I would get the invasive monitoring in a trauma unit or if I should stick to the ICUs it would help. Vandy is a big hospital and they have a huge Trauma center. The CRNA program that I like is in MTSA in Nashville. They say that they prefer ICU experience but will take people from emergency if they have the monitoring. If anyone has any suggestions or has been in this situation, Please help!!
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  3. by   etherchick
    I have two friends that came to my smaller community hospital from Vandy-Trauma. They said there were new grads there....however, what a baptism of fire! I think it would be a great learning experience. They said they had lines of all sorts there. Also, basically everyone who works in trauma there gets into MTSA...unless the person has serious personality deficits which don't go over well in the interview. SICU would be a great choice also. And if not there, MICU. Best wishes!

  4. by   etherchick
    Two collegues of mine came to my hospital from Vandy-Trauma. There are new grads there...basically, it is great experience with all types of lines. They both said that everyone who worked Trauma and applied to MTSA, got in. The only exception they knew of was one person with personality deficits that came across in the interview. There is an advanced patho class at Vanderbilt that applicants to MTSA are "encouraged" to take to become a more attractive applicant.....classroom and distance options. If not Trauma, SICU or MICU. All good choices. Best wishes!

  5. by   NortheasternSRNA
    Are you in NSG school at WKU? Just guessing based on the "in bg".
    Graduated from there in 2003, just wondering how you liked the program...