MTSA 2018 Doctoral Applicants (Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia)

  1. Hi All,

    Wanted to know if there are any current applicants applying to the doctoral program at MTSA for January 2018?
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  3. by   trvlrRN_78
    Hi AspiringCRNA2018! I have applied to MTSA doctoral program!!!
  4. by   GaMommy81
    Me too!!
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  5. by   chimicurn
    Hey -- I applied to the DNAP program. Still waiting to hear back. Looks like they extended their deadline date.
  6. by   trvlrRN_78
    Yes, they extended until Friday. The committee is meeting on the 18th. The wait is agonizing
  7. by   CCUnurse18
    I applied as well. Good luck to everyone! Hope we all hear back soon!
  8. by   GaMommy81
    We should know something by Wednesday or Thursday. Best wishes to everyone.
  9. by   trvlrRN_78
    Has anyone heard anything?
  10. by   GaMommy81
    Nothing over here yet.
  11. by   cupcake_lake
    I just got an email inviting me for the interview! pretty pumped.
  12. by   future gasman
    Hello all, A colleague and I both applied and heard back today that we got an interview. I wonder how many applicants they had for the Doctorates program, does anybody know?
  13. by   Chelseajo21
    Hi everyone! It seems like everyone received their emails yesterday (to interview, or being denied), except me! I have called and Pam isn't answering her phone. I'm going crazy,!
  14. by   Chelseajo21
    Hi. Did you get the email on the 19th or 20th?