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:) Hello I have been a lurker here for quite some time and finally decided to post. I have learned soo much from reading these threads. Allnurses is a great resource! I have been an RN for three... Read More

  1. by   hdorsey
    Thanks! I am willing to go anywhere for anesthesia school, do you have any suggestions?
  2. by   foxyhill21
    This minority forum has been very encouraging. I am a minority and have been entertaining the idea of going to CRNA school (b/e it is a challenge and I love challenges), Hopefully I will soon decide between CRNA or CNM/WHNP.
  3. by   London88
    Villanova University / crozer medical center has a ethnic diversified class. A third of this years class that just graduated were ethnic minorities out of 21 students.
    As long as you have the qualifications the director will give you a fair chance. There were four AA students, and three Asian students. There are many good schools in Philadelphia, and it is a good market for all students regardless of race.
  4. by   athomas91
    London88- you go to crozer's program
    i have shared multiple clinical sites with many of their students...
  5. by   hdorsey
    Yeah Girl,
    I feel the same way! I am deciding between the same specialties:CRNA,CRNM & NP. I think I will apply to each program @ about 7 schools & see who accepts me!
  6. by   foxyhill21
    Really I thought I was the only one, I love both professions. It really helps to talk to people that are going through the same things as you. Keep me posted on which one you choose.
    Quote from hdorsey
    Yeah Girl,
    I feel the same way! I am deciding between the same specialties:CRNA,CRNM & NP. I think I will apply to each program @ about 7 schools & see who accepts me!
  7. by   hdorsey
    No problem!
    I will not have my BSN until Dec '06 though!
    Talk later!
  8. by   Miss Von
    Best of luck to everyone and their future plans. Here is my 08 cents. I too am an African American female and I have always gone to schools where I "shouldn't have gotten in" or where racial issues were always a concern. I go into applying knowing this can be a problem and prepare myself. With this said if I know I am not competitive because of a certain grade I either one explain the grade or two retake the class to show I can do better. I make myself competitive in other areas so if they think about taking someone over me it must well be worth it. I like to think that if you are qualified you will get in. I know this isn't true in all cases.

    Wow them in your interview...that is your time to shine and look better than some people whose "playing field" was better! Sure grades are one thing, but how well you blend with the program is another. I wish you all well. I will be attending school in Fall 06...either Georgetown in DC, or Raleigh School of Anesthesia in NC. Both schools were very nice, very fair, and had african americans on their panel. For those of you who are willing to apply "ANYWHERE" look at programs that you think work best and where you will be happy as well as successful!!! Don't settle for what you believe to be the sure thing....because you never know!
  9. by   SigmaSRNA
    For those trying to decide between NP and CRNA, I'll say this. It depends on how much; 1) money you want to make, and 2) autonomy you would like to have. Also, I think NPs probably have a better sense of differential diagnosis since this is basically their job and CRNAs are cardiopulmonary geniuses. Plus, if you want an easier (not easy) time in school, you probably would want to do NP.

  10. by   srnabound3997
    There have been some interesting replies to this thread! I more determined than ever to become a CRNA. I just completed the first semester of the RN-BSN program at South Alabama (I will be graduating this summer) and I am working in SICU/MICU. I know I need to do well on GRE and get CCRN any other suggestions? I am very excited about this journey. I will keep you all posted.
  11. by   Mentuhotep I
    Quote from hdorsey
    Hi! I live in Detroit & there are a gang of black CRNAs in Southeastern Michigan! Keep your head up & apply to anesthesia school.

    "a gang of black CRNAs"? In the future I suggest you more careful about how you refer to a group of African-Americans, especially when you are dealing with your patients.
  12. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    I agree. I am an african-american and some of the posts in this thread were just plain strange.:stone
  13. by   ICURN2CRNA
    People should be accepted into programs for merit...however we all know that there are biases and discrimination...
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