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  1. I have an interview at MHRI school of nurse anesthesia on October 8th, does anyone know what the interview process is like? Also I have an interview in buffalo, any ideas on what there interviews are like. Thanks. Good luck to everyone else who is applying and has interviews.
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  3. by   DSAC
    Hey Nitro23,
    Good luck on your interview on 8 Oct. I will be interviewing at MHRI on 7 Oct. I would let you know how my interview goes, but I will not be back home before your interview. Get in touch with me after your interview and we can compare notes. Thanks.
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  4. by   nitro23
    I will definitely let you know. Do you happen to know how many they are interviewing? I heard there are only 10 positions. I would really like to go there, I have heard a few really good things about that school. Good luck, hopefully we can both get in. Where else did you apply?
  5. by   DSAC
    I am unsure how many are being interviewed, just hope to present myself well to them.
    I was told that an aquaintence of mine is in school there right now, and he loves it. He is only an aquaintence from nursing school and my hometown, so I don't know how to get in touch with him.
    I am applying to about 12 schools. I have another interview in November at Texas Wesleyan. Still waiting to hear from about 4 others at this time. How about you?
  6. by   nitro23
    I applied to 7. So far the only ones I have heard from are buffalo and rhode island. I have an interview at both. Do you have your CCRN? I have a friend who got into texas wesleyann with one year of experience and didn't have his CCRN. I am considering applying but I want to see how these two go first. I would really like to get into MHRI of buffalo I have heard a lot of positive things from both schools. What other schools did you apply to? I heard they usually interview about 60, I hope they don't interview everybody that applies. I am flying out tommorrow to see what it's like out there. Good luck, if I don't talk to you again before the interview.
  7. by   Sleepy 7
    Hello all,
    Any heads-up on MHRI ?
    My interview is in November 05'.
    Good luck.
  8. by   mannyrn
    I have an interview at MHRI. Any useful information is welcome. Is there any one who had interviewed recently. Any students with tips for the interview. Thanks in advance:spin:
  9. by   Bdawg
    I am currently a student in the program. The interview is very informal. First, you tour the OR and meet the SRNA's. Then you meet with program director and he will talk about the program with you. Then his assistant program directors will sit with you and ask a few basic questions about you experience, financial situation and so on. They do not ask clinical questions. You better have very good science grades, because this is what the program is based on. If you get accepted, you will find out in late November, if you do not, then you will get a letter in December. Hope this helps, and they only took 9 in my class.
  10. by   gluck
    Bdawg, if you have a minute, where have you decided to live for the program did you have to move?
  11. by   Bdawg
    Did not have to move for the didactic part, live in mass close to CCSU, will be moving to Pawtucket for clinical, too long of a commute. Hope this helps
  12. by   gluck
    How long of a commute did you have to ccsu and did it negatively impact your studies significantly?
  13. by   Bdawg
    30-45 minutes, piece of cake, and it does not impact my studies. I will be living in Pawtucket when I go to clinical. Hope this helps. don't forget, these programs at CCSU are amongst the cheapest in the country. Hope this helps