Mayo letters - page 2

Any news yet? I heard they were going to meet this week. I am starting to get anxious. I doubt I will hear anything until next week, but was hoping to get something today or tomorrow.... Read More

  1. by   mnhawki
    Still nothing. How hard can it honestly be to send out all the letters at once. I am starting to get ticket off. I am going to have to call them on Monday and let them know I know some people that have already gotten letters and why haven't I. Even though I already pretty much know why.
  2. by   GoHuskers
    I, too, have been waiting for a letter. I called on Tuesday and spoke with the secretary and she said they mailed the letters on Friday the 15th. Naturally she wouldn't share if I got in or not. I can't stand not knowing. It makes me crazy! Let us all know if you got accepted or if your letter came. That previous post earlier makes about the denial letters being mailed a week later makes me very nervous. I hope that's not the case for all of us.
    Good luck!
  3. by   Quiet1
    Got my letter Wednesday (as expected, one week later than the acceptance letters) and it was indeed a rejection letter. Hope you did better than I did. When I called, they told me that it was mailed on the 15th--postmark was the 19th. Hmmm...
  4. by   mnhawki
    Got mine too. I'm an alternate.
  5. by   GoHuskers
    Still no letter today. This is a bit rediculous. I will probably call them this afternoon and ask if they have the right address or something. I just want to know either way (even though I have a hunch already). Grrrrr....
  6. by   dtanksi
    What school do you have to reply to in 10 days?