Marian university crna

  1. Anyone applying to Marian university CRNA 2019
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  3. by   jazzyccrn
    I'm waiting for my last letter of recommendation to be sent in and then I'll be submitting my app (hopefully this week or I'm really gonna be panicking!). Have you sent in yours yet?
    I'm glad to finally "meet" someone else that is. I've googled sooo much info, but can't ever seem to find any threads with anyone else!
  4. by   Ophe
    Me too. I have been looking for info about them and can't get much. I submitted my app last Friday.
  5. by   jazzyccrn
    Have you heard anything?
  6. by   Ophe
    Schedule for interview. What about u?
  7. by   Cp42185
    Still haven't heard anything from my application.
  8. by   Ophe
    When did u complete it.
  9. by   Cp42185
    I got my last reference done about 2-3 weeks ago and that completed my application
  10. by   Ophe
    Call the office to find out.
  11. by   jazzyccrn
    I received an email the next day after my last letter of recommendation was submitted. I would try to call them and follow up & see if you can find out anything
  12. by   Cp42185
    Yeah I got an email saying it was complete! Just haven't heard about an interview yet
  13. by   MosAnn1216
    Anyone know their interview style? Any insight, tips? Thanks in advance!
  14. by   jazzyccrn
    I was told it's very laid back, "get to know you" type of questions. Followed by a test, but I don't know anything about it. Have you heard anything else about it or had your interview yet?