LSU CRNA 2019 - page 7

Just getting the ball rolling on this thread. Really excited to be applying to CRNA programs this year! Who else is applying?... Read More

  1. by   kbn1993
    How did it go?
  2. by   crnacandy
    For everyone that has interviewed, when were y'all told we should expect to hear back by?
  3. by   gptgrl
    For those of you with school aged kids, where do y'all plan on living?
  4. by   otee16
    Hey guys.

    Overall the interview went well. It was pretty quick, 15-20 min max. They only asked me two clinical questions I believe, pretty basic stuff. It was very laid back, I wouldn't fret too much. They said that this is the largest group they have had apply, so interviews are going till mid October or so, so I'd assume hear back not too long after that.
  5. by   Asanchez2
    Interviewing soon..super nervous...any suggestions?
  6. by   KingTexas2011
    Has anyone interviewed recently or had any updates on notifications?
  7. by   kbn1993
    They said they will try to start calling people mid-late October.
  8. by   BrittCVICU_RN
    JUST GOT A CALL BACK, I've been accepted!!! They called so Anwser all calls from LA area code. Good luck to everyone. Let's create a group on FB for the class
  9. by   KingTexas2011
    That's good news! Congrats
  10. by   Mr.Red123
    Congratulations, Britt! When did you interview?
  11. by   MLL2108
    I got a call! Everyone keep an eye out for a Louisiana area code. They said they are calling everyone and send official letters out in about a week. Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   anrchope
    I received my phone call today as well!! I'm still praying for all of you as well!
  13. by   Cutenurse28
    Congrats what day did you interview