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Just getting the ball rolling on this thread. Really excited to be applying to CRNA programs this year! Who else is applying?... Read More

  1. by   agalm
    I hope not. I just saw that I had an email yesterday, and when i went to sign up only the last two dates were available.

    I'm looking at CCRN review material and studying vents and the meds I frequently give. I think just like other interviews knowing your patient population is most important.
  2. by   LonestarMedic12
    Finally got an invite to interview today, chose the last date available, I'm so excited
  3. by   LonestarMedic12
    Quote from ob1jacobi
    Anyone else obsessively checking their email? Ugh
    I want to send you a message but I'm so new to this blog the filters won't allow me to reach out to a member via direct-message
    Can you in box me a way I reach out to you?
  4. by   odie4lsu20
    Still waiting on an email...
  5. by   ob1jacobi
    Anyone get anything this week?
  6. by   odie4lsu20
    Quote from ob1jacobi
    Anyone get anything this week?
    I finally did today!
  7. by   ob1jacobi
    I PM'd you!
  8. by   NolaRn17
    I haven't heard back. Have you?
  9. by   anrchope
    anyone interviewing this week?
  10. by   otee16
    I have one for this Thursday, 9/20. Getting excited!
  11. by   StraightOuttaNightShift
    Anyone who's had their interview already have any advice or insight?
  12. by   All_In_Nurse
    Good luck!
  13. by   crnacandy
    Hey guys, have my interview coming up- and would greatly appreciate any feedback from applicants who have already had their interview. Thank you!!