LSU CRNA 2019 - page 5

Just getting the ball rolling on this thread. Really excited to be applying to CRNA programs this year! Who else is applying?... Read More

  1. by   ob1jacobi
    Anyone else obsessively checking their email? Ugh
  2. by   NolaRn17
  3. by   agalm
    I got an email last week asking for a letter of recommendation so they are definitely still reviewing applications.
  4. by   StraightOuttaNightShift
    I just got my email yesterday. Does anyone have an idea about their interview process? I know some schools are super laid back and some want you to know current legislative action for CRNAs.
  5. by   kbn1993
    From what I've heard, it's pretty laid back. They let you kind of guide the interview.
  6. by   anrchope
    Got that interview
  7. by   kbn1993
    I called today to double check on my application and it turns out that they wanted a copy of one of my out of state licenses. I got the email for an interview within an hour! So if y'all are waiting to receive that email, I'd recommend calling them to check on your application!
  8. by   ob1jacobi
    Did you speak with Ms. Dukes?
  9. by   kbn1993
    Yeah, I did!
  10. by   ob1jacobi
    I emailed her earlier today and she said my application was complete, verified, & being reviewed. No interview email after that
  11. by   anrchope
    I did some researching through old posts from different cohorts, and it seems there's no rhyme or reason how they send out emails and it didn't matter when someone received an interview email or when the interviewed as an indication of acceptance. Don't give up hope!
  12. by   ob1jacobi
    Thank you
  13. by   crnacandy
    Hi everyone, super stoked to be interviewing at LSU! I had a quick question, do you all think it makes a difference whether we interview early or not? I had picked a later date, so debating whether or not to move it up earlier or not. Also, any advice on how to prep for the interview? Good luck everyone!