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Just getting the ball rolling on this thread. Really excited to be applying to CRNA programs this year! Who else is applying?... Read More

  1. by   ob1jacobi
    My application had to have been reviewed by now because I sent it so long ago. I am assuming they're not going to send out anymore right now if the link isn't working though.
  2. by   KingTexas2011
    From what it sounds like, they are sending them out as they are reviewed. I can't imagine they'll send anymore out until the link to schedule is fixed.
  3. by   ob1jacobi
    I am assuming I'm not getting an interview because of how early I sent my application in.
  4. by   kbn1993
    They could go in alphabetical order or something. They may not be going in the order received.
  5. by   KingTexas2011
    I submitted extremely early as well, I literally emailed them about 10 minutes after I got mine this morning so they probably stopped sending them out as soon as I notified the school. Don't count yourself out, it's too early!
  6. by   ob1jacobi
    Thank you! That's very encouraging! I sent mine in last year lol.
  7. by   KingTexas2011
    Did you make sure that they re-submitted it if it was done for last application cycle?
  8. by   NolaRn17
    I applied but did not get an email either.
  9. by   ob1jacobi
    Quote from KingTexas2011
    Did you make sure that they re-submitted it if it was done for last application cycle?
    I submitted right after the deadline.
  10. by   KingTexas2011
    Just an update, the new link should be being sent out Friday 8/10. So those of you who did not receive and e-mail don't fret, new ones are going out tomorrow!
  11. by   KingTexas2011
    The link should be fixed, you can start scheduling and watching closely now
  12. by   anrchope
    Did anyone hear today?
  13. by   LonestarMedic12
    Quote from anrchope
    Did anyone hear today?
    I'm in a groupme chat with some folks who have received emails and have actually set schedules for sept 12 or 14 or 19 th. ,
    In my previous post I mentioned I spoke with someone at the LSU who mentioned that many applicants have incomplete files, the admissions committee will continue to review applications all month and send out invites to qualified candidates

    It's too early, I mean way too early to count yourself out