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  1. Hi all,

    I started working in a unit where several experienced RN's recently left for CRNA school. Management is now adamant about not writing anyone letters of rec for CRNA school to help keep staff in house. This new sense of urgency is seeming to push more and more of the seasoned RN's to seek employment elsewhere. I am looking for advice about how to either apply without LOR from management (if possible) or talk to schools about my situation. It is made quite clear no LOR will be written from management or even some of the MDA's. Should I take a hint from some of the other experienced RN's? I would be most thankful for any advice in dealing with this unfortunate situation.
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  3. by   zoozoo
    I would still ask for LOR, but if they refuse-then leave for another hospital...How long have you worked there? If that is your 1st year, it will be tough for you, but if you worked there before and proofed your self to be a good nurse-they might want to keep you for another year or so and give you LOR.
    Good luck, and let us know how it goes
  4. by   piper_for_hire
    Agreed. I would get out of there anyway. Why would you want to work somewhere that is more of an obstacle to your career goals than an asset?

  5. by   bat21
    I am at a world-renowned hospital that is considered top-10 in the nation. I am a newgrad but always have wanted to be a CRNA since I interacted with them in the OR in school. The main reason I am staying is the experience I am receiving is excellent so far as patient acuity is concerned (most other area hospitals refer the more "complicated" cases to us-i.e. smokers, COPD, etc), but definately feel management is less than supportive of my long-term goals. Should I stick it out for a few months to feel it out a bit further and get (at the very least) a little more experience? Thank you for the input so far...please offer additional suggestions, etc.
  6. by   jackson74
    [quote=bat21]I am at a world-renowned hospital that is considered top-10 in the nation.

    I've worked many hospitals across the country as a travel RN and as staff. Don't believe all the hype hospitals try to push on you in orientation. Every hospital also has tried to sell me the idea that they have the best hospital in the area,state,nation etc... Pure BS. Honestly every hospital has positves and negatives. What is important to anesthesia school admission boards is the quality of experience you have (busy MICU/SICU/CVICU over rural hospital ICU). They don't care which hospital you work at. If a manager of a unit told me he/she wouldn't give me a letter of recommendation and I had received positive feedback regarding my job performance up to that point, I would tell him/her to go **** themselves. Don't let these self serving idiot nurse managers push you around. This topic really gets me riled up.