January 2012 Barry University CRNA program

  1. Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry?
    I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.
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  3. by   fyrace
    Interviewed March. Start in January. PM
  4. by   mathaka
    Hello, I interview June 20th. I am new to this site, I do not think I can PM yet. Congratulations on your acceptance. i have not been able to find much recent info about the program this year. Can you let me know anything?
  5. by   mathaka
    I got your PM fyrace, thank you for the info. I have searched quite a bit and found some things. In your opinion, is the interview a good indicator of acceptance to this program? Some of the posts I have read hinted to this. Just curious....(anxious,excited....)
  6. by   fyrace
    I have heard the same as well, however a guy who was at my interview said he was only applying to Barry. I talked to him once or twice after the interview then once the I got my acceptance I never heard back from him. So not sure if he got in or not. I'm sure you can bomb the interview and not get accepted, however I have been told if you get an interview, for the most part they have reviewed your file and have made up their minds. They even tell you at the interview that the interview part is more to make sure you are what the file reads and put it all together. So getting an interview is a good thing. What site are you going to pick? I picked Orlando and was told most who pick Orlando get it. I am trying to find more Orlando people, and am only communicating with one so far. Are you local or out of state?
  7. by   mathaka
    I am from out of state, so I am not sure about clinical sites. I was thinking Orlando or the South florida clinical sites, but still not sure.
  8. by   CriticalAnesthesiaRN
    I am also from out of town and interviewing on June 20th. Fyrace any tips for me? I can't PM yet either. It's nice to hear that getting an interview is a good sign! Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. by   mathaka
    Hello, it appears we will be interviewing the same day. Where are you from?
  10. by   Snappz11
    I will also be interviewing on June 20th...
  11. by   CriticalAnesthesiaRN
    Ny. How about you?
  12. by   Jbrock718
    I am still waiting to hear from Barry- as one of my schools has taken their time sending my transcript. Any info of interview process, what to expect (i.e more personal, or technical) would be great! I interviewed with FHCHS last week and thought it went really well...here's hoping!
  13. by   fyrace
    Very laid back, more personal than anything. Anyone picking Orlando as your preference? Let me know if you are and get it. Trying to get the Orlando group together.
  14. by   lisaa817
    How long was it before you heard anything?
    I applied for the program on April 8th and I havent heard anything yet. I called to check on my status the first week of May and they said they havent made a decision yet.