Is 50+ too old for CRNA school?

  1. My mother, who is about to turn 50, is considering going back to school to be a CRNA. She's just about to finish her BSN (she's been an RN for 30years), and is contemplating continuing on with her education. She hasn't actually practiced clinical nursing for the last 30 years, so she'd need 2+ years of ICU experience before she could even start. Her biggest worry is that she's too old to be accepted. I've always known she was crazy, but what do you guys think? Too old? Good chance of being accepted? She's got a spectacular GPA and an amazing work ethic.
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  3. by   openheartmary
    I'd be interested in seeing some replies to this thread.
  4. by   premaseeker
    In my humble opinion it is not to late, but she would have to be ready to endure the INCREDIBLE amount of hoops/work it takes. Also, she doesn't need 2+ years in the ICU, just enough to satisfy the requirements of the program she would apply to. I don't know what an admissions committee would think about a 50+ year old applicant, but I know they regularly accept 40+ year old candidates into programs. If she wants it bad enough, I'm convinced they would let her in. Good luck.
  5. by   ICU.traveler
    We had a guy who was 52 when he graduated from CRNA program. I say go for it. Your mom will be 4 years older anyway (2years for ICU and 2 1/2 years for CRNA school). at the end of those four years she has a choice of being a nurse with 34 years of exp. or a new grad. CRNA. It'll be hard to compete with much yonger students. Just because they seem to be so much better prpared with test taking skills. But when you're in anesthesia program you don't want to compete, you just want to pass. So encourage her, she should do it.
    take care
  6. by   DrugReptoNurse
    The oldest person in my SRNA class is 46. In the class who will graduate next year I think the oldest is 52. The class who is graduating this December has five students in the class who are above the age of 55. I don't know their exact age.

    The youngest in my class is 23. It really comes down to the interview and how well the professors think you will meld with the rest of the applicants. Age is just a number. I am 41 by the way. Tell your mom to go for it!